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troubleshoot_500x500Last year, a large legal firm came to us, worried that they were not receiving enough enquiries through their website although they attracted decent traffic.

One of the problems we uncovered was that their contact form was hidden away deep inside the site, making it difficult to find. We placed the contact form prominently on every single page – and the result? An immediate spike in enquiries.

If you, too, are pouring time and money into your online marketing, investing in staff, working hard to tweak your marketing messages, trying new platforms – and yet still not bringing in significant business online, you must quickly discover what’s letting you down.

We examine every aspect of your programme to get to the root of your marketing problems, and develop a clear plan to fix it.

Other more fundamental mistakes we have uncovered include everything from non-existent sales funnels to offputtingly pushy marketing messages, unclear offers, too few social media updates to make an impact, and so much more. All fixable – once they are diagnosed!

  • Discover what mistakes are wrecking your programme, preventing you from achieving the results you need
  • Learn the precise next steps you need to take, in order to turn around your business online
  • Find out how your competitors compare, so that you can leapfrog over them and become an online market leader
  • Come away with peace-of-mind, secure in the knowledge that your online programme is on the road to recovery – and success.

Troubleshoot Your Online Marketing is available as a comprehensive, standard or essential package. For levels of investment, deliverables and results we’ve achieved for people just like you, call Miriam on 020 8953 8820 or email