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online_marketing500x500Competition in the aesthetic market is intense. Google the name of any treatment, and immediately dozens – if not hundreds – of your competitors appear. To the prospective patient, the choice can be confusing.

As a result, they often make their choice based on seemingly minor factors: Which clinic got back to them the fastest, who has the earliest appointment or whose voice they liked over the phone.

It’s no way to reliably grow your business.

How, then, can you really differentiate yourself online? How do you ensure that you are the top choice for serious patients, who are willing to pay for quality treatments and are looking for a long-term relationship with you?

The temptation is simply to “shout” the loudest: To spend the most on Adwords so that your clinic comes out top in searches, to pay for the most followers on Facebook and to bombard your email list with offers.

Unfortunately these are costly strategies which ultimately do nothing to solve the underlying problem, that prospective patients have no meaningful reason to choose you above another clinic.

The answer lies in building a system in which you actively seek out the right patients, instead of waiting for them to stumble across you… And then take them through a carefully constructed process designed to create a deep relationship with you before the competition gets to them, so that when they are ready to buy – you are the only choice.

This technique is called a ‘Sales Funnel’, and it works as follows:

The ABCDE method

With the ABCDE system in place, your deliberately build a pool of eager prospective patients who know, like and trust you – instead of wasting your marketing efforts on price-shoppers.

You continue to nurture them over the long-term – instead of trying to capture their business in a 30-second visit to your website, or via a single email reply to their enquiry form.

And you have a reliable means to turn them into repeat customers – significantly increasing the value of each patient.

The result? Take one clinic in Greater London.

In the first 12 months, they generated £108,000 in new business directly traceable to contacts hitting ‘reply’ to our emails. In addition, they made at least an additional £40,000 from patients booking in over the phone for the treatments being promoted.  Together that’s £148,000 of extra sales.

To find out how this can work for you, contact Danny Bermant today on 020 8953 8820 or email him on We’d love to help your aesthetic clinic achieve the same results, too.