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high_profile_expert_500x500In just about every industry you’ll find opinion leaders – people who shape the conversation, whose blog posts are scrutinised for valuable insights, and who are directly sought out by clients and other influencers because of their authority and credibility.

It’s not about being a publicity hound, but about moving and inspiring others with your ideas.  You – the owner, CEO or partner – help make them a reality, and become the go-to person in your niche.

If you want to:

  • Leave a legacy
  • Have a bigger impact on your industry
  • Get wider recognition for your ideas,

or if your company needs to:

  • Increase its authority, fast
  • Put a human face to your business
  • Shift the conversation on a business issue,our four-step programme transforms you into a high-profile expert online.

High-profile expert

  • Unique message: What do you have to say that will cause others to sit up and pay attention?
  • Platform: What’s your vehicle for getting your message out? (eg book, email programme, blog)
  • Content: The engine of your programme. Express your ideas in writing, and in other formats such as video and graphics.
  • Outreach: Get your ideas out there! Use online channels to reach other influencers and  strategic partners in your area. Interact with them, and systematicallybuild a reputation and following.

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