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marketing_machine_500x500Imagine two companies, both spending equal amounts of money on their online marketing.

One rakes in sales and leads, building up a consistent flow of new clients and as a consequence, booming.

The other languishes. Perhaps it makes the occasional sale here or there – or gets a small number of website enquiries – but it’s not enough to make a real difference to the business.

What’s the major difference between them? Nine times out of 10, the former has understood something absolutely vital.

In order to get results online, you must develop a reliable system to attract the right people, build relationships with them and make it easy for them to buy.

It doesn’t matter how many blog posts, status updates and eBooks you pump out. Without that system connecting everything, they’ll never convert. Not systematically, anyway.

This is the basic version of the marketing machine we build for our clients:

Online marketing machine

In other words, we find a pool of great prospects on social media, or draw them to the website. We find a way of capturing their contact details, then start interacting with them regularly, to build the relationship. Eventually, we make a small but irresistible offer, or ask them for a meeting, and finally upgrade to a full sale.

We think of it as an old-fashioned courtship. Once you meet someone you’re interested in (your business prospect…), you slowly and deliberately progress your relationship, until they’re ready for a full commitment:


The exact details of how we do this in every case may differ, but the end result is the same: A process that allows new prospects to come into your sales funnel, and gently pushes them towards a  buy – so that you can see that return on investment that eludes so many others.

In our Build Your Online Marketing Machine programme, we make sure you know enough about your potential clients to market to them effectively. We then create a strategy to take these prospects from ‘meeting’ to ‘marriage’, developing the sales funnel, your marketing messages, and the precise tactics you must employ to get everything working like clockwork.

You can put the plan into action yourself, or allow us to do it it for you.

No more wondering where your online marketing ROI is. No more frustration, because your clients come in in an unreliable drip-drip.

You’ll have a system in place.

Build Your Online Marketing Machine is available as a comprehensive, standard or essential package. For levels of investment, deliverables and results we’ve achieved for people just like you, call Miriam on 020 8953 8820 or email

To find out how we can do the same for you, call us on 020 8953 8820 or email us – we’d love to hear from you.