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“Where do you get your ideas from?”

Every writer is faced with that question on a regular basis.

Marketers, too.

Here at Brainstorm Digital, we have a very particular process we go through to come up with great ideas both for ourselves and for our clients – ideas that are not only interesting, but will actually resonate strongly with the target audience.

I won’t go into that now (that’s for another day….).

But here’s a secret.

In addition to that ‘formal’ process, I also keep a file in my email called “Great Promotion Examples”.

Every time I get an email I consider particular effective – either because of its theme, the way it’s written or sometimes just a line or two – I file it away for future reference.

That’s my “swipe file”.

It’s never for copying directly. Rather, it’s an invaluable source of inspiration.

I go to it whenever I want to understand how other marketers have structured certain types of messages, when I want to see how they’ve tackled certain themes or just to get ideas when writer’s block hits.

Sometimes emails from entirely different niches are the biggest spur to creativity.

Every company should keep a similar file.

Over the past few months, I’ve put together a slightly different type of swipe file.

Not just individual emails – but whole sequences of emails that successful companies in several different industries send out to their new subscribers, in order to get them to buy quickly.

Not only does it show exactly what they write, it shows what offers they make to turn leads quickly into buyers – as well as how they captured their details in the first place. Essentially it maps out their whole sales funnel.

It’s called the Sales Funnel Playbook.

Get your copy here:

…Then swipe away!


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