What Every Industry Can Learn From Aesthetic Clinics’ Online Marketing…



One of the niches we love working in is the aesthetic industry – clinics that deliver treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, liposuction, hair loss treatments and so on.

We find that our sales funnel technique, where we build systems to deliver online leads, enquiries and sales, works particularly well for these clinics. We added around £150,000 to the turnover of the very first clinic we worked with, in the first 12 months – and it’s been onwards and upwards ever since.

Now, obviously, there are many reasons why it works so well. But there’s one I want to discuss today, because the lesson can be applied to any business, in any niche, that wants to succeed with digital marketing.

It’s extremely simple…..

Aesthetic clinics have a lot of different treatments to sell. 

This means, first of all, that they have a lot of ways to convert their leads. Those who are not convinced they need Botox might appreciate a different skin treatment. Those who are interested in body sculpting but are afraid of lipo might want to hear about fat freezing. And of course, people who have actually bought one treatment will very often be interested in others.

In short, they get lots of bites at every cherry.

If, by contrast, you only have one or two products or services to sell, you have a much narrower path to each new customer. They need to be interested in one

Second of all, they can also meet people at different price points. While many treatments cost thousands, others cost under £200. Skincare products can cost even less.

This means that they have a terrific, built-in ‘value ladder’.  Price is not a barrier to entry for those who are just want to dip their foot into the water, and once they’ve built trust, they can be upsold to. Plenty of new patients will spend a lot right away.

As a result, clinics can afford to spend money advertising online, because they can make their money back quickly.

What does this mean for your company’s online marketing?

Well, if you already have a good range of products or services spanning a variety of price points, then congratulations. You’re set!

But we find that many companies don’t.  And when that’s the case, you may struggle to convert your online leads.

Perhaps you mention your core product or service all the time, but generate only a fraction of the interest you need.

Maybe you even generate good enquiries, but they back off when they realise what the investment is going to be, or that your main offer doesn’t exactly fit their needs. They disappear, and you are left frustrated.

If that’s the case, you need to diversify.

This doesn’t necessarily mean straying from your core business and adding a whole host of products or services you don’t really want to offer – although you may wish to do so.

It can mean thinking carefully about your core product, and offering some smaller parts of it as an independent service. What things do you already do, that you can offer separately?

It can mean packaging up some of your knowledge as an online course or information product which you can sell, to make it easy for your leads to buy from you. Or perhaps bundling some of your smaller products or services into one larger package, so you can upsell clients and make more money from each one.

The more opportunities your leads have to buy from you, the easier it will be to turn them into customers – and then sell to them again.

Take it from the aesthetic clinics….


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