Amazon’s Marketing Weapons [Sneak Peek]



That’s how many books I have downloaded on my Kindle right now.

It’s taken me a couple of years, so on average that’s around 1.5 books a week

Not that I’ve read all of them – I have work to do :- )

But I’ve certainly skimmed through most. Some I’ve read often. And many are books I’ll get to… At some point!

So how did I amass this collection?

Well, I definitely like buying books.

But there’s another factor as well.

Amazon just makes it so easy for me.

In fact, Amazon employs several little tricks which practically make it impossible for a pre-disposed buyer like me not to buy repeatedly.

On the most basic level, every time I buy, they send me an email with suggestions of other, related books I might enjoy, capturing my interest and getting me back to their site all over again. I’m sure you’ve got emails just like that from Amazon, too.

I always check out their recommendations, because they’re based on my previous buying history – so Amazon has a pretty firm handle on the types of books I’m interested in. Quite often, I end up buying again.

This kind of follow-up with new customers is essential for companies of every size.

Once you know what your customers have bought, there are always related items you can sell them.

But that’s not the only weapon in Amazon’s arsenal.

They employ some nifty little tricks on their sales page, too, in order to maximise the chances that I’ll make a purchase in the first place.

They don’t leave it to chance… Or, worst of all, to me!

They design their entire sales funnel very deliberately, so that every stage buying becomes more likely.

To find out the strategies they use, check out The Sales Funnel Playbook.

The Playbook maps out exactly what Amazon and four other companies say to their leads, in order to get them buy quickly – and often.

These are simple strategies any company can copy, including yours.


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